About Me

I’m Allen Clark, data scientist, developer, and operations research analyst. This is my personal web page.

My Work

I work for an agricultural company. My teammates and I create predictive models for agronomic and plant development. In addition, we build optimization models for production and supply. Our goal is to make agriculture operations as efficient as possible.

I love working in agriculture for two reasons:

  1. Agriculture is the birthplace of statistics. R.A. Fisher was in fact a geneticist first and a statistician second. It’s fun to be a part of the long history between agriculture and statistics.
  2. Mother nature offers a lot more variability than you might see in manufacturing or web commerce industries. This makes statistical modeling all the more important in agriculture. Agriculture always has something new to model and machine learning, AI, and operations research can sometimes offer big improvements on old problems.


  • B.A. Mathematics, Bethel University, 2012
  • M.S. Statistics, University of Minnesota, 2018

Favorite Technologies

My top three languages are R, Python and SQL. I hesitated on whether to call SQL a language but since that is part of the acronym, I’m going with it.

I like linux as an operating system and I don’t care much which distro.

R Shiny applications are my favorite platform for interactive data visualization. I’ve used Tableau which is less customizible, but definitely more polished.


Professor Charlie Geyer at UMN advised me on my masters thesis work on random effects aster modeling. Aster models are used for life history analysis; estimating the number of offspring a plant will produce in its lifetime. My thesis, combines work on exponential family distributions, mcmc simulation, and random effects models